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06:57pm 21/10/2006

[36] Bones (Emily and David, David)
[48] Gilmore Girls (Scott Patterson, Lauren graham and friends, boyfriends, co-workers, famous people, etc.
[78] Super (Dean Cain, Brandon Rought, Michael rosenbaum, Tom welling, and Lois and Clark)
[34]Brazilian sins – yeah 7 nice guys (Rodrigo Santoro, Thiago Lacerda, Rodrigo Hilbert, Bruno. G., Henri Castelli and Reinaldo Gianecchini)

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Men of Steel, yeah that's right Men 
12:31am 09/06/2006
mood: artistic
Special entry about the man of steel in 3 phases, with Dean Cain, with Tom welling and also the newest Brandon Routh. I’m not sure who my favorite is but I got to tell you they look amazingly hot!

[12]Dean Cain
[08]Tom Welling
[08]Brandon Rought

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All of them here!

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Dean Cain Fanlist 
01:09am 11/04/2005
  This is the link to the new Dean Cain Fanlist:


Show the world how many Dean Fans there are!


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I Do (But I Don't) 
05:08pm 16/09/2004
  If you missed the 09-13-04 premiere of Dean's "I Do (But I Don't)" movie on Lifetime TV, you get three more chances:

September 16
Thursday 9:00 pm I Do (but I Don't)

September 18
Saturday 12:00 pm I Do (but I Don't)

September 26
Sunday 11:00 am I Do (but I Don't)

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Celebrity Blackjack Finals with Dean 
12:14pm 14/08/2004
  If you missed Dean on the Celebrity Blackjack finals, you can check out video clips of him here:


Hope you enjoy.

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"I Do (But I Don't)" movie with Dean 
05:29pm 12/08/2004
  Dean Cain will be starring in a Lifetime Original Movie on September 13, 2004 at 8 p.m.

Here's a link to the official page for the movie.

And here's a short description of the movie:

LIFETIME Original Movie "I Do (But I Don't)" - Monday, September 13 at 8PM

In her first role since the March birth of her daughter Sam Sheen, actress
Denise Richards ("Spin City," "The World Is Not Enough" and "Wild Things"),
Dean Cain ("The Scott Peterson Story") and Jessica Walter ("Arrested
Development") star in the LIFETIME Original Movie "I Do (But I Don't)," a
romantic comedy about a quirky wedding consultant trying to navigate her way
through her often frazzled professional and personal lives.

Based on the popular novel of the same name by Cara Lockwood, "I Do (But I
Don't)" follows the often comical ups and downs of divorced wedding planner,
Lauren Crandell (Richards). Lauren, in her late 20's, must deal daily with a
manipulative boss (Walter), an over-bearing mother, a lack-luster love life
and one pushy bride-to-be after another. While planning the nuptials for her
most challenging client yet -- a certifiable "Psycho Bride" -- she meets hunky
fireman, Nick Corona (Cain), and sparks instantly begin to fly. To Lauren's
utter shock, she learns a few days later that Nick is engaged to the "Psycho
Bride," and against her better judgment, finds herself falling in love with
him. Normally the consummate professional, Lauren is torn between her duties
as the wedding consultant and her feelings for Nick.

"I Do (But I Don't)" is produced by Ira Pincus Films in association with
von Zerneck-Sertner Films for LIFETIME Television. Robert M. Sertner, Frank
von Zerneck, ("We Were the Mulvaneys" and "Within These Walls") and Ira Pincus
("Defending Our Kids: The Julie Posey Story" and "Scared Silent") are the
executive producers. Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder wrote the script based
on the novel, I Do (But I Don't), by Cara Lockwood. Kelly Makin ("Queer as
Folk" and "Mickey Blue Eyes") directs.

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04:31pm 31/07/2004
  I just wanted to say....

Happy B-day Dean!!!


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09:26pm 05/02/2004
mood: hopeful
So anyone have any news on Dean Cain? I would love to know of any work he may be involved with so I can see his sexy face! Wouldn't it be great if Hollywood made a Superman movie and Dean got to play Superman!!! Or a Lois & Clark Movie Something!! Gawd I miss Lois & Clark!

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No Posts! 
05:55pm 31/12/2003
  Ok, so I see only one person is interested enough to join my lovely community. Granted, I need to check up on it more and update more. Lets see...

Did anyone see Dean's newest TV movie on Life Time on Monday? I totally missed it because I wasn't home and I forgot to set my vcr, I'm so upset. It was a story about a newly married couple who move into a haunted house or apartment or something of that nature. Dean played the husband. The movie in all honestly didn't look that good...but I'm sure Dean did!

Alright, I think more people need to join so we can all share the Deaness. If anyone has any dean updates or anything of that nature, please share!

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